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Active climate protection at Viking Direkt (Office Depot)
Sustainability and the preservation of resources are key company goals of Viking Direkt GesmbH (Office Depot). In cooperation with ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria), the separate collection, recovery and disposal of packaging waste in the ARA system has been accelerated and brought into practice.
Thanks to the participation of Viking Direkt GesmbH (Office Depot) in the ARA collection system, approx.  700 tons of packaging can be collected, disposed of and recovered each year. This achievement actively helps to protect the environment while simultaneously ensuring that the requirements of the packaging regulation are fulfilled. Through close cooperation with ARA, our customers and consumers also benefit from being able to rely on the disposal options provided by ARA.
Throughout Austria, ARA is responsible for the efficient and cost-effective collection, disposal and recovery of all packaging. Each year, ARA is able to work with all its partners in Austria to save more than 620,000 tons of CO2 — a huge achievement that can be taken even further.