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When you’re travelling for business of simply on the commute, you need to keep your laptop and important documents safe. The hustle and bustle of getting on the bus or tube means that your things can get bumped around, so keep them secure and protected with a briefcase or notebook bag. @readmore@ For longer journeys or work trips, you don’t always want to be carrying everything, so a trolley or wheeled case helps to lighten the load. The handle tucks away neatly in the back of the bag for easy stowage. Great for plane or train travel where space is limited.

As well as briefcases and heavy duty travel bags, here at Viking we also stock a range of lightweight cases, such as document wallets. If you’re travelling light or just going a short distance but still need to protect papers from the elements and scuffing, a document wallet provides much needed protection. When so much of the modern world involves working on the move, you need to make sure your belongings and documents are kept safe and secure. Check out the range of top quality briefcases, notebook bags and document wallets in our range below, all at great prices as always.

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Own brand product

  1. Only €72,99

    €52,49 Each

    €62,99 incl. VAT

    Saving 28%

    In Stock

  2. Monolith Briefcase Drop handle Black

    Article Number: 2329469

    Only €22,49

    €18,99 Each

    €22,79 incl. VAT

    Saving 16%

    In Stock

  3. Only €44,49

    €30,99 Each

    €37,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 30%

    In Stock

  4. Only

    €90,99 Each

    €109,19 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  5. Only €27,49

    €23,49 Each

    €28,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 15%

    In Stock

  6. Only

    €65,99 Each

    €79,19 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  7. Only €79,99

    €75,99 Each

    €91,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 5%

    In Stock

  8. Only €59,99

    €49,99 Each

    €59,99 incl. VAT

    Saving 17%

    In Stock

  9. Only €98,99

    €85,49 Each

    €102,59 incl. VAT

    Saving 14%

    In Stock

  10. Only

    €29,99 Each

    €35,99 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  11. Samsonite Briefcase Vectura 16" Black

    Article Number: 6851340

    Only €42,99

    €34,99 Each

    €41,99 incl. VAT

    Saving 19%

    In Stock

  12. Monolith Pilot case 2383 15.4 " Black

    Article Number: 5891382

    Only €82,99

    €69,49 Each

    €83,39 incl. VAT

    Saving 16%

    In Stock

  13. Only €72,99

    €46,99 Each

    €56,39 incl. VAT

    Saving 36%

    In Stock

  14. Only €54,99

    €46,49 Each

    €55,79 incl. VAT

    Saving 15%

    In Stock

  15. Wenger Briefcase Source 16 16 " Black

    Article Number: 8098407


    €40,49 Each

    €48,59 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  16. Alassio Carrying Case 92705 Black

    Article Number: 2054515

    Only €154,00

    €134,00 Each

    €160,80 incl. VAT

    Saving 13%

    Shipped directly from supplier

  17. Samsonite Laptop Bag GuardIT Black

    Article Number: 2073941


    €72,99 Each

    €87,59 incl. VAT

    Out of Stock

  18. Only

    €69,49 Each

    €83,39 incl. VAT

    Shipped directly from supplier

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