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A freshly made cup of tea or coffee will make sure that your employees not only start the day off well, but will also increase productivity come that 3 o’clock lull or serve as a welcome refreshment in one of those Friday afternoon meetings. Plus, there’s nothing that will make a customer feel more welcomed as they enter your business than an offer of a hot tea or coffee. Ensure every@readmore@ hot beverage is tailored to suit any taste with our extensive range of individual milk products. From evaporated milk to coffee cream and full fat milk, our selection of dairy products is ideal for those who prefer their coffee white.

With a great range of trusted brands available, you know every cup of tea and coffee will taste great. There’s low fat condensed milk for those counting the calories, or coffee creams that’ll add a mild flavour with only a splash.

Whether your office or workplace prefers individual sachets or jiggers, you’ll find it even easier to manage your supplies cupboard with our selection of milk. You’ll never need to worry about half-used cartons going out of date or to waste again.

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