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Disk Drivers

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With a move towards lighter and more portable computer technology, more offices are using laptops rather than clunky desktop PCs. This means staff can work on the move, carrying their office with them as they go. However, these thinner and more lightweight laptops don’t always have the drives they need in order to be able to complete all tasks.@readmore@

That’s why you may sometimes need to add additional drives to your office set up. A USB drive, flash drive or CD drive will give you and your staff the greatest flexibility of working practice, covering all formats so that you can share and collaborate more effectively. 

Check out the range of disk drives here at Viking to see how you can improve your office capability. With major brand names like Apple and Toshiba, you can work on the move or in the office, without ever being let down by the technology around you. Carry projects around in multiple formats. Show, print or display information how you need to. And work smarter with the latest disk drive technology on the market at the best prices. As always at Viking, we guarantee you the very best value.

Own brand product

  1. Apple DVD-Writer USB SuperDrive

    Article Number: 5902740


    €64,49 Each

    €77,39 incl. VAT

    Out of Stock

  2. Verbatim DVD-Writer Mobile N/A

    Article Number: 3900053


    €37,99 Each

    €45,59 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  3. Lexar Flash Drive V10 64 GB Purple

    Article Number: 7312513


    €31,99 Each

    €38,39 incl. VAT

    Out of Stock

  4. Only

    €101,99 Each

    €122,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  5. Verbatim Drive Enclosure 3.5" USB 3.0

    Article Number: 5672494


    €23,99 Each

    €28,79 incl. VAT

    In Stock

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