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Privacy Filters

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There are some things you want to keep private and details on your screen could be one of them. Whether you’re working on your laptop, tablet or phone if you want the display to be for your eyes only, our range of privacy filters will ensure your work is kept to yourself. When you need to work publicly but want to keep your information private, choose a privacy filter so you can work with ease.@readmore@ Your details will be protected without compromising on screen quality. You’ll see a clear and crisp display whereas prying eyes will only see a blacked out or reflective screen.

Our range of filters will improve your picture quality, with anti-glare features and sharper images you’ll see clearer than before while eliminating the worry of others reading your work. What’s more, our filters also protect your fragile screen at the same time – dust, scratches, and wandering eyes won’t get a look in on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Our privacy filters come in a variety of sizes. You won’t notice the thin shields in place, fixed with small glue flaps that won’t damage your device. From the train to the café, you’ll be able to work in confidence wherever you are.

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  2. 3M Privacy filter Standard Black

    Article Number: 5563386


    €43,99 Each

    €52,79 incl. VAT

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  3. 3M Screen filter Standard Black

    Article Number: 5339583


    €30,99 Each

    €37,19 incl. VAT

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    €106,80 incl. VAT

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