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All-Purpose Cleaning Device

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If you work in a busy kitchen, then you will know that keeping it clean and tidy is the key to running it efficiently. Hygiene is absolutely paramount for kitchens and we know exactly what it takes to keep your workspace spotless and has sourced some of the finest cleaning products on the market to make the job of ordering housekeeping supplies much simpler by giving you great choices.@readmore@

For bulky and laborious jobs such as cleaning grills and ovens, we have some fantastic options. Scouring milk is great when used as an oven cleaner as it covers the entire area and immediately starts working on tough stains and grill cleaner works hard to remove built up grease and dirt on difficult to reach areas.

For cleaning other surfaces around the kitchen such as the floors and work surfaces, we have it covered. All purpose cleaner that comes in spray bottles is a great way of cleaning up messes quickly and expertly whilst all purpose cleaner that requires diluting is fantastic when used as a floor cleaner but also can be used on cabinet doors, inside fridges and freezers and in the sink for ultra-clean and hygienic kitchens.

Never let your housekeeping cupboard become bare with us. We give you select choices on cleaning products for the shiniest kitchen ever.

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  3. Sagrotan Cleaning wipes All-purpose

    Article Number: 7311582


    €2,79 Pack

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  4. Viss Cream cleanser Professional 2 ml

    Article Number: 7510837


    €5,99 Bottle

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  5. Cif Oven & grill cleaner

    Article Number: 7641610


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