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Fan Heaters

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As new seasons approach, a sudden change in weather can make the working environment feel suddenly super hot or very cold. Winter can be unpredictable and a cold snap can just happen overnight, so it’s always a good idea to invest in various types of heaters for your business to keep the workforce happy, healthy and most importantly, warm. With years of experience in supplying offices with@readmore@ the highest quality goods from the major pieces of furniture to technology to heaters and fans, we have a great choice. We source only the highest quality stock to ensure you receive the best.

Electric heating gives you an extra dose of lovely warmth when it is especially cold and this helps to retain as much heat as possible, making it ultra-efficient. If you are looking for a heater then we have a great range to choose from with features such as safety protections to prevent overheating, adjustable thermostats to change the temperature and heaters that come in portable sizes ideal for moving around the office.

An outdoor heater is a great idea if your business has a garden or patio area. These heaters are very safe, have several functions for different temperatures and can add an element of cosiness to an outdoor space.

We really do think of everything, and with such great choices all you need to do is decide which heater to buy.

Own brand product

  1. Tristar Heater KA-5038

    Article Number: 2055278


    €34,49 Each

    €41,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  2. Tristar Electric Tower Heater KA-5036

    Article Number: 1715866


    €51,99 Each

    €62,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  3. Tristar Electric Heater KA-5114

    Article Number: 3086571


    €89,99 Each

    €107,99 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  4. Tristar Heaters KA-5283

    Article Number: 6815808


    €61,49 Each

    €73,79 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  5. Sunred Patio heater CE11W

    Article Number: 7225791


    €79,99 Each

    €95,99 incl. VAT

    In Stock

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