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Grills & Grill Accessories

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When summer comes around it’s always marked by that great smell of roasting charcoal and sizzling sausages floating through the air. There really is nothing nicer than taking full advantage of those long, balmy evenings by getting a group of friends together for a delicious barbecue and a refreshingly cool beer. We love BBQs, which is why we have sourced some fantastic electronic BBQs, BBQ@readmore@ sets and BBQ accessories so you are spoilt for choice.

The options for BBQs on offer with us is great, such as small grills for basic barbecuing to chimney-style BBQs which give a lovely, rustic aesthetic as well as providing an excellent barbecuing grill for great taste. Electronic BBQs are fantastic for quick cooking as you don’t have to wait for the coals to cool down but still don’t miss out on that experience of cooking and eating outside.

Every barbecue needs some great BBQ accessories and we have the bases covered with a selection of fantastic bits and pieces from a BBQ set with all the utensils needed for expert grilling to dishes and plates.

We really do think of everything for your home and business and our fantastic choices are next to none for quality and price.

Own brand product

  1. WMF Grill dish 640579440 White

    Article Number: 6791400

    Only €19,99

    €15,99 Each

    €19,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 20%

    In Stock

  2. Tristar Electric Grill BQ-2811

    Article Number: 6815835

    Only €29,99

    €23,99 Each

    €28,79 incl. VAT

    Saving 20%

    In Stock

  3. LANDMANN 31333

    Article Number: 6859350


    €104,00 Each

    €124,80 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  4. BODUM K11487-01

    Article Number: 6866163

    Only €69,49

    €55,99 Each

    €67,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 19%

    In Stock

  5. Tristar Stable Grill BQ-2820

    Article Number: 6815840

    Only €39,99

    €31,99 Each

    €38,39 incl. VAT

    Saving 20%

    In Stock

  6. OutTrade Grill set BBT520 20

    Article Number: 7225812


    €49,99 Each

    €59,99 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  7. La Hacienda Chimney 5606 1B

    Article Number: 6873327


    €89,49 Each

    €107,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

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