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Fax Machine

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A staple in offices around the world for the last few decades, fax machines are still one of the most dependable modes of sharing large amounts of documents between people and despite competition from internet based sharing, fax machines are here to stay. Some legal documents can only be shared using fax machines as email signatures are not legally recognised and some businesses prefer them for their added security.@readmore@

Viking have hand selected some of the best fax machines including thermotransferfax and laser fax machines to give you real choice.

Thermotransferfax machines use thermal transfer technology to create sharp and clear copies of documents. For simple, occasional use the Brother Fax is great as its internal memory saves up to 15 pages for faxing at a later time as well as being multifunctional with its built in copier and answer phone.

Laser fax machines are perfect for busy offices as they can save up to 50 jobs for faxing at a later time. Fax lasers from Samsung are a great choice with extra features such as a scanner, 8MB of internal memory for up to 800 pages, a fax to computer facility and delay sending function.

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  3. Brother Fax Machine T106

    Article Number: T106

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  5. Brother Facsimile/Copier Machine 2840

    Article Number: 6035841

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  6. Philips Fax machine PHILIPS Eco Basic

    Article Number: 5EBASIC


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