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Dot Matrix printers

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Dot Matrix Printers have been a popular choice amongst busy offices since the 80s and are still universally used alongside the newer technologies, most especially by industrial distribution businesses, factories and by industries creating private documents such as payslips. Dot Matrix printers use the traditional needle and inked ribbon to create a printed image and they are still widely used due to several benefits including their cost efficiency, simplicity and for their notable reliability. Viking understand just how important these traditional printers are and have introduced Epson’s newest re-editions into their collection of printers.@readmore@

For bulk industrial jobs, an Epson dot matrix printer is fast, reliable and has a band coverage of 4 million characters so is an incredibly economic option for large businesses. With a band coverage of 2.5 million characters some models of the Epson dot matrix printer are a great choice for medium sized companies and their reliability of 10 hours printing time makes is great for bulk jobs. Epson printers are low energy and therefore great for the environment and businesses keen on lowering their carbon footprint, even when they are printing thousands of documents a day. Viking are at the forefront of providing the highest quality office equipment.

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  1. Epson LQ-350 Dot Matrix Printer

    Article Number: 6483321


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  2. Epson LX-350 Dot Matrix Printer

    Article Number: 6483330


    €204,00 Each

    €244,80 incl. VAT

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