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Time-Recording Systems

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Do you find that much of your time is being spent keeping an eye on when your employees arrive and leave the office? You can now accurately monitor and record staff attendance with our wide selection of time recording systems. Time clocks will help complex shift patterns across different departments become much more manageable, and will take manual monitoring away from HR, managers @readmore@ and payroll. Also, time attendance machines can improve the punctuality of your staff as well as reduce absenteeism. 

Improve efficiency in your workplace with an electronic key fob. You can find lightweight key fobs from trusted brands like Safescan at Viking, which provide employees with a simple and easy way to scan in and out of the office. Look to our selection for key fobs for new employees or if you are replacing lost or stolen fobs. 

Autonomy at work is important, which is why investing in a time recording system from our range is essential. Employees are given the responsibility to record their own attendance and punctuality; freeing up more time for you to focus on what is important. The days of being distracted by attendance monitoring and reprimanding late arrivals are over.

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  1. Safescan 125-0342 Key Ring Black

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