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@readmore@One of the biggest technological breakthroughs of the 20th century was the development of the camera. Over a few short decades, the camera has gone from being a luxury item to something every household and business simply has. Photography is now something we all have access to and for this reason, Viking have sourced some of the best digital cameras and accessories to give you excellent choices when choosing for home or business.

We have digital cameras that are small, lightweight and fast with easy WiFi access, 20.0 megapixels and 10x optical zoom, making them fab everyday use digital cameras. Some of our digital cameras are smart, have 16 megapixels for sharp and clear images and even have a camcorder which allows you to record sound as well as those precious moments. For businesses, it’s a great choice for making online presentations.

Accessory-wise, Viking have selected some stylish products for protecting your digital camera. Our camera cases are suitable for all small digital cameras and camcorders and have a double zipper for quick and easy access.

We are experts in technology and our assortment of high-quality digital cameras and camcorders is exceptional.

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  1. Polaroid Camera iS426 16 Megapixel

    Article Number: 8202768

    Only €49,99

    €44,49 Each

    €53,39 incl. VAT

    Saving 11%

    In Stock

  2. Only €54,99

    €44,49 Each

    €53,39 incl. VAT

    Saving 19%

    In Stock

  3. Only

    €82,99 Each

    €99,59 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  4. Only

    €50,49 Each

    €60,59 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  5. Only

    €91,99 Each

    €110,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  6. Camlink Camera CL-AC40 5 Megapixel

    Article Number: 6087516

    Only €79,99

    €58,99 Each

    €70,79 incl. VAT

    Saving 26%

    In Stock

  7. Only

    €68,99 Each

    €82,79 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  8. Only

    €38,99 Each

    €46,79 incl. VAT

    In Stock

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