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Overhead Projectors

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Displaying presentation and reports on a large scale to a wide audience is made easier by using a projector from Viking. In the Viking online store we have a selection of overhead, Digital and LCD projectors that are all ideal for meetings, conferences and education sectors to clearly display information on a white background or screen. Digital and LCD projectors give a clear and bright display and@readmore@ have the advantage of having a USB port that will accept a memory stick so building your own presentation with popular software programmes is easy to present or you could even show movies on the big screen, all you need is a large white wall or projection screen to display on.

Traditional overhead projectors that use a lumen twin bulb system will give a crisp and bright edge to the information you are presenting. These projectors use transparency film that you can write on to personalise you presentation or use specialised acetate film that can be used through a laser or inkjet printer for a more professional appearance.

In the Viking online store we have a range of projector accessories that will compliment your OHP, Laser pointers in different colours and telescopic pointer pens allowing you to easily highlight points of interest within your presentation and wireless presenters to remotely click to the next slide. We also have a range of write on transparencies films that are suitable for inkjet and Laser printers and assortment of projection pens in various colours.

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  1. Osram Projector Lamp HLX 64663

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