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Cctv Cameras

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Search through our versatile selection of CCTV cameras to suit your every security requirement, for both outside and inside spaces. Whether you need to secure your home or business, we’ll have the right piece of technology to fit in with your preference. A network camera enables you to access night vision, creating clear images at all times. If you want to safeguard areas around the clock, an infrared surveillance camera is exceptionally efficient. Specific lenses enable the camera to produce images even when the device is in total darkness.

Here at Viking we have a wide range of security systems, from wireless cameras to larger electrical items. You may be interested in installing a dummy surveillance camera, which can sometimes be enough to provide peace of mind and put off intruders. It also removes the need to wade through hours and hours of images, and is perfect if you’re looking for a low key security option.

CCTV surveillance cameras are a reassuring addition to any home and office; offering a backup plan should you be affected by crime or need to keep an eye on property and possessions. With discreet cameras available, they needn’t be obtrusive. Shop the range to install a new system or update your current devices.

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  1. Eminent Dummy security camera EM6050

    Article Number: 5010175

    Only €11,99

    €8,49 Each

    €10,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 29%

    In Stock

  2. Eminent Wireless security camera EM6220

    Article Number: 6689574


    €44,49 Each

    €53,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  3. Eminent Security Camera EM6230

    Article Number: 7097469


    €71,49 Each

    €85,79 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  4. Eminent Security Camera EM6225

    Article Number: 7097749

    Only €69,99

    €64,49 Each

    €77,39 incl. VAT

    Saving 8%

    In Stock

  5. Eminent Tablet IPCAM EM6220

    Article Number: 7307604


    €139,00 Each

    €166,80 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  6. Eminent Camera EM6275 EM6275

    Article Number: 2866620

    Only €189,00

    €174,00 Each

    €208,80 incl. VAT

    Saving 8%

    In Stock

  7. D-Link Network Camera DCS-935L

    Article Number: 1377573


    €99,49 Each

    €119,39 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  8. smanos Network Camera IP6 IP6

    Article Number: 3907699


    €99,99 Each

    €119,99 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  9. Eminent Surveillance camera EM6130

    Article Number: 5010189

    Only €49,99

    €45,99 Each

    €55,19 incl. VAT

    Saving 8%

    In Stock

  10. TP-LINK Network monitoring camera NC200

    Article Number: 7233921


    €25,49 Each

    €30,59 incl. VAT

    In Stock

  11. Eminent Security Camera EM6260

    Article Number: 7027434


    €209,00 Each

    €250,80 incl. VAT

    Out of Stock

  12. Only €449,00

    €417,00 Each

    €500,40 incl. VAT

    Saving 7%

    Shipped directly from supplier

  13. Only €129,00

    €119,00 Each

    €142,80 incl. VAT

    Saving 8%

    Shipped directly from supplier

  14. Only €229,00

    €204,00 Each

    €244,80 incl. VAT

    Saving 11%

    Shipped directly from supplier

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