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Door & Window Alarms

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Shop all the best window and door guard options with our wide range of security sensors and protection systems. Whether you are looking for a window guard or door alarm, here at Viking we’ve got every exit covered - literally. A window alarm can alert you to possible intruders or potential crime, which is equally important for both personal and business users. If you need to secure several doors and windows, then look for the strongest alarm system available. Similarly, it could be a main door that is your security concern, requiring both an alarm and guard.@readmore@

We stock wireless sensors, letting home and business owners know if there is a problem, but without any complex wiring or intrusive conduit installation. By signalling a disturbance straight to your smartphone or sensor, you will be able to act immediately and decisively. Suitable to access from your mobile phone, keep an eye on property with your own handheld remote and maintain control no matter where you are in the world. Choose between our collection of varying size and styles of alarms, depending on where you have to secure a window or door. Multipurpose alarm and guard systems act to suit each particular security requirement, should this be in a small or larger space. Safeguard shop premises and business areas, or keep an eye on things closer to home.

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  3. D-Link Multipurpose Sensor DCH-Z110

    Article Number: 6233711


    €37,99 Each

    €45,59 incl. VAT

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