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@readmore@Sending updates, marketing and even invoices to customers, clients and even employees is integral to any business. Alongside high quality envelopes, having a stock of stamps is essential to every office and post room. With stamps on hand, you will know the correct postage has been paid and you can rest assured knowing that paperwork will reach its destination without delay. At the Viking online store, we have a range of stamps available. You can buy postage stamps in large packs of 50 or 100, which is perfect for mass mailings or even to ensure you always have stamps to spare. These stamps are even self-adhesive, making it even more hassle free when sending a high volume of letters.

At Viking we also carry a range of franked envelopes and franked postcards, which are cost-saving and time-effective alternative. Taking all the hassle out of sending mail, you can simply slip your document into the envelope or write information on the postcard and it will be on its way.

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  1. Envelopes 10

    Article Number: 7174881


    €7,89 Pack

    €7,89 incl. VAT

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  2. 78CT Envelopes 10

    Article Number: 7174872

    Only €7,80

    €6,99 Pack

    €6,99 incl. VAT

    Saving 10%

    In Stock

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