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Cable Management

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With all of your devices connected, you’re likely to have a lot of cables which not only looks messy, it can also be dangerous and a trip hazard. In order to keep your home and office tidy, we have a variety of cable management products for you. Our Velcro cable ties will tie your cables together safely and securely, keeping them in one place. With the strong fastener and reusable design, Velcro cable@readmore@ ties are high quality and simple to use.

For a flexible, durable and reliable way to protect your cables our cable bundle hose can fit a range of cables and won’t mark surfaces. With easy openings and closings, your cable management will be made easy with our cable bundle hose. Cut to your desired length to match your needs perfectly.

Our cable canal will discreetly manage your cables from all of your electrical devices. Take your cable management further with cable label markers so you can keep track of all the cables you are using.

All of our cable management products can be stored easily and are reusable. You’ll quickly tidy up your electronic mess with our durable products. Decrease the trip hazards in your home and office and reduce your clutter.

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