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Apple Care

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For the correct care for all of your Apple products, Apple Care covers your devices and puts your mind at ease. From battery problems to storage solutions, our AppleCare Protection Plan is the only plan you need. Whether your problem occurs at home, in the office or on the road, you’ll have direct access to expert guides whenever you need them. We know how much you rely on your devices. @readmore@ Not only do they provide entertainment and keep you connected, for many they are vital working tools and storage for important documents.

The AppleCare Protection Plan covers you for technical support and different hardware service options from Apple. With this Apple Care protection, you’ll have access to knowledgeable Apple experts to help with your products and if an accident or damage occurs, you can access repair services around the world.

Apple Care is a one-stop plan for all the support and services you need for your Apple device, whether you need to resolve an issue over the phone or need an urgent repair. You could add years to your device by simply having the right protection plan. NEWPARAGRAPH Whether you need specific plans like AppleCare MacBook Pro, or you want general coverage, browse our range to find the right one for you.

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  1. Apple Service Xsan Support

    Article Number: 2032205


    €467,00 Each

    €560,40 incl. VAT

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  2. Apple AppleCare Protection Plan

    Article Number: 2053836


    €157,00 Each

    €188,40 incl. VAT

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  3. Only

    €119,00 Each

    €142,80 incl. VAT

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